A Small Guide to Play Online Poker

The first question is where you can play online poker? You can play online poker in many European, USA, Arab, Asian websites, like Judi Poker Online Indonesia. Often the sites are accessible to sign up.

Online Poker Games are Tougher

Now that you have signed up in an online poker game and entered into a game arena and observed some games, you might have to know the fact that the poker online is much more terrible than poker played live on a table inside a club. The level of skill found on a $1/$2 NLHE poker player who plays on the table, a poker player playing online of 0.25/0.50 (50 NL) posses the same skill set.

Therefore, the first things you should keep in mind is that start with playing smaller stakes at first and then slowly play more substantial stakes when you know that your skills are getting higher.

About Your Money on Wheels

You by now know that online poker player has a higher skill level than a live poker player, but you would be happy to know that stakes often drops at $0.01/$0.02 online which is very hard to find in live poker games. In most of the sites where you can play poker games, there are many tables which are of very low stakes because firstly the geographic location of the website if most of the players playing the game are from countries whose economy are not that strong. Secondly, the newbie of pokers mostly starts on low stakes. Thirdly, players who are experienced but are broke, they can’t play stakes, so they play on low stake games.

Moving Higher on the Wheel

Now, that you are well trained and is ready to take big stakes, you should try to move between 10NL and 50 NL. These are also micro-stakes, but you will be surprised to see the skill sets of the players playing on them. It is even doubtful if live poker players of $200 to $300 calibre can compete with the 10NL or 50NL players online.

The reason is that the volume of games the 10NL or 50NL online player plays, it is impossible for a live poker player to play even anywhere close to the number.

Online Poker is a Mental Game

Every poker is no doubt a mental game, you have to hold your head together while playing it, but you are going to find online games like in Judi Poker need more effort to keep your head together. The reason is that it takes a long time on live poker games to lose everything, but considering the volume of the online games you can play; it will just take a few clicks to make your balance in your bank turn NIL.