Better Poker Games With Better Results for You Now

Many people are struggling to win big in a small stakes cash game.  But most folks want to gain big. For many people this is a big reason to play.The basic to achieving this objective is to learn how to make use of small edges that most people do not know or cannot practice. In this article we discuss five simple strategies to improve your profit margin in low stakes cash games.

Blind Steel

Many people think that they will take good action to do blind steel, but they also miss many great opportunities. As a simple fact, buttons and cutoffs are the most profitable seat on the poker table.

How do you make a profit without using this seat?

In my opinion, blind steel can be easily done with a 30 to 40% hand in a typical passive style low-stakes cash game regardless of live and online. Most opponents triple bed and try to drop you only when there is a strong hand. In a better case you can even come down from a position without a position and drop it by continuation betting with a flop or turn.The key point is that blind steel is very effective in increasing your profits in small stakes cash games. Even raise your hands like to raise, try rising and try blind steel. From the poker training videos you will know all about it.

Double barrel

  • Another effective strategy for passive style low-stakes cash games is to continue on the flop with a stop and bet on another turn.
  • This is also called “double barrel”.
  • Why is this strategy effective because many people play in a no-limit cash game as if it were a limit game.
  • This strategy is particularly effective for weak tight players who cannot blame you for small pairs and draws.
  • If you continue to pressure like this you may even get off a small overpair.
  • Please aim at these players by continuation betting in turn.

Three bed light

One of my most favorite strategies for these weak tight players is three bed bet before the flop.

Especially if it is not a premium hand, for example to relate something with suited connectors or suited A or something small a pair is of raise.  By doing this you can close the call and control the pace.

You can also do a value bet if you act like a strong hit on the board or you feel that the other party is not convinced that you are strong.

Bluff at the river

Once again, we will focus on weak tight players, which are commonly seen in small stakes recently, especially online. Many players in this category do not want to showdown anything but strong hands.