Gambling At Its Best with the Perfect Steps

Gamblers have been sidelining more traditional markets like 1 × 2 because they have found another way to be profitable. When betting on football on a betting site there are many markets available and one of them is betting on cards.

In many bookmakers it is possible to bet on the total amount of cards

A game like Gre-Nal, for example, may be a good bet if the market offers 2.0 odds for five or more cards in the match. In houses like Bet365 and 1xbet you can bet that a particular player will receive a card, and depending on the player’s position and the time of the match, this odd may be at 15.0.

The image above is from Arsenal’s Aubameyang, who in his team’s 3-0 win over Rennes in the Europa League put on a mask after scoring the third goal in the match. Obviously the referee did not like the attitude and applied the card to the player.

In this article we will talk about what are the types of card bets (yellow and red) and how to generate profit by betting in this market. we will use Bet365 as a reference as it is complete in this market:

To see what card bets are available on Bet365, look for the match you want to bet on and then go to Cards.

Card Betting Types

Number of Cards in Match: This is the most common type of card bet. In this market you bet on the total amount of cards that will be shown in the match. 

This is a simple bet where Over 3.5 Cards have odds of 2.25 and Less than 3.5 Cards have odds of 1.57. Finding value in this market depends on many variables, such as the importance of the game to both, who will be the referee, whether it is a high rivalry game, etc.

  • There are games where you know there will be a lot of fouls even before the ball rolls, there are others that you know will happen many times after the initial whistle. The interesting thing is that you know how to filter it. To be profitable in the number of cards in the match requires a careful analysis with the points we placed above and other things, with the players lineup, because it is important to be aware of each athlete’s profile (violent, dribbling too much, complaining too much, suffering too many). faults ..).

Another important thing is to know how was the last match between the teams and how they play. If the previous match was quite violent, it is likely that some players will want to take revenge on some fouls. Search for videos to help you. And if these teams like counterattacks, for example, see if the cards were given to players who stopped playing.


Returning to the referee, it is of paramount importance to know who whistles. Does the referee like to talk? He doesn’t like to talk? Does he already like to give out cards early? All of this must be taken into account and put into practice by you to place your bet , click here to get info about 검증 사이트 .