How to Earn During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. When social distancing is the best way to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus in the absence of anti-virus, then governments of the most affected countries across the world declared home quarantines and complete lockdowns at some places to resists the aggressive conquest of Coronavirus. During this situation, the world economy has crumbled to grounds causing the massive rise of unemployment. Though IT to investment companies allowed their employees to work online from home many didn’t have such provision. Aggressive downsizing of companies is driving many professionals to find work online for the cash flow in the absence of a steady job. Working as a freelancer or as an employee online during quarantine is a privilege to stay protected at home and to earn. You can also find part-time online work or offer services as a freelancer for some quick cash. 

Here some ideas are provided to earn during the Coronavirus Quarantine

Apply for a freelance web designer or developer

If unfortunately, you have lost your job or sitting back home as the office is closed during the lockdown, you can utilize the time by working online. Being an expert web designer or a developer, you can easily crack many deals online and start earning on your own. Visit online freelancing platforms such as Fivver, Upwork, Freelancer, and so on where you can connect with employers seeking efficient professionals for web designing and development services. Mention about your skills while applying while creating the profiles.

Work as a self-employed software professional 

If you are a fine coder with excellent knowledge of software and computers, apply for a software developer as a self-employed professional. Enjoy the feasibility to work from home and be your boss. You will grow an addiction to be your boss and work according to your timings. After the quarantine, you may give it a thought to go back to your old office where you are just an employee. 

Get online tutoring job

As the schools, colleges, and universities are shut down across many countries, parents are growing anxious about the learning of their children. Though senior students know how to deal with it, children in their primary and secondary schools are suffering worst. Many schools have started online tutoring however the demand for online tutors has increased unlike before. If you are a teacher or a professional tutor with expertise on certain subjects then start earning cash by offering hourly online tuitions during the quarantine. Students that will develop a good bond with you and will be benefited from your teaching will prefer continuing the tuition services post-quarantine. 

Freelancer writing service providers

Are you a writer with great flair on language and vocabulary? Then start working as an online essay writing professionals. Among the top 3 Ways to Be an Employee Online During Quarantine, writing jobs are getting top priority. Also, get hired by online marketing agencies and advertising companies looking for talented and creative cop writers.

 Build a strong ground as a professional during the quarantine and don’t worry about earning in the future.