How to play Playtech video slots games

Gambling is becoming a fun experience for more and more people globally. This is because the mobile apps and online casinos have made it super easy for these games to reach the gamblers. Now, one can play gambling from the convenience of their home. Apart from poker, betting etc, slot games are a fun way of gambling. This is because it is easy to play without any expertise, can be played even without real money and even available at malls and other places in their simpler versions. But Playtech video slots are little more complicated and fun to play. Let us understand the mechanism behind these games and how to play them.

How to play Playtech video slots

There are numerous video slot games offered by Playtech and several other companies but mostly all of them are played in a similar way. The most important thing to learn while playing video slots is the functioning of all the buttons and reading the payout tables. There is no sure way to play; you must understand the machine well before you start playing. If you do not understand the buttons and machine properly then you must ask the casino staff or read tutorials about the game before starting the play.

Buttons on the video slots games

These are placed in the front area of the slot machine and there would be at least 2 rows of five buttons each, but it can vary up to seven depending upon the slot machine. The back row of the buttons is related to the number of credits that the player wants to bet per line and these are arranged from lowest on the left and the highest on the right. These buttons are used to control gambling. Buttons on the front row have the lines per spin, the cash collect button, the bet max button and an optional help button. Functioning of each of these buttons is explained in the below section.

Lines per spin button

This button is to control the number of lines for which you plan to bet in a game.

Bet max

By using this button, the player can automatically bet the maximum number of coins and then start the game.

Cash/ collect — this button allows the player to take money out of the slot machine.

Help / view payouts

This button leads to a screen from which you can get information and help about the game rules.

Reading the pay table

Another important thing to know while playing the video slot games is to read the pay table which is located at one of the three locations. Either it is on the top front area of the game screen, or on the lower panel which is below the screen or on the screen itself and is accessible via help or view payouts button.

The payout table contains all the information related to the payouts of the game, bonus and also requirements for betting. If the game requires max bet to get a jackpot, then it is indicated on the pay table.