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The purpose of this restriction is to prevent you from winning large sums of money without depositing from the casino. Unfortunately, this also means that free spins are not meant to even give you the chance to win really significant winnings.

It is therefore worth considering this issue when choosing a 토토 사이트 deposit bonus, it would be a very annoying situation if large casino winnings could not be repatriated due to this restriction.

Questions about deposit bonuses

Can I withdraw the deposit bonus multiple times from the same casino?

This depends entirely on the regulations set by the online casino. It is perfectly normal for one offer to be raised only once, for example in the case of a welcome offer of a deposit bonus for new players.

One person can be a new player only once at an online casino, as owning multiple accounts is explicitly prohibited in the terms and conditions, and will result in account closure as well as void winnings.

Questions about deposit bonuses

Seasonal offers can also usually be used only once, but these are usually updated once a month, or once a week at the moment. Many popular casinos therefore have the ability to withdraw deposit bonuses almost every week.

Editorial Tip: Gaming-focused online casinos more often offer opportunities for deposit bonuses.

Are deposit bonuses available without redemption requirements?

This is a two-barreled thing: Basically yes and no. The deposit bonus play money cannot be recyclable as it would mean from a casino point of view that the player is given money.

Free play money is not wagering free, so there is no reason to assume that there is a deposit bonus.

Then again, free spins are part of the casino bonus, and it’s entirely possible to find these to play at almost any time. Free spins and money given directly to a gaming account without requirements is simply not a viable model for the casino to operate, and very possibly also somehow illegal under an EEA license .

So you should focus on picking up free spins without any wagering requirements, this is definitely the best option to get cashed out play money from your casino account after free games.

Can I play jackpot games with bonus money?

Playing jackpot games with bonus money is usually blocked by the game manufacturer. Progressive jackpots are slowly growing into really big wins, so it’s not worth giving away free spins to these games.

Bonus money generally does not allow you to play games, from which it is possible to win several tens of thousands of euros with one win. This is to prevent cheating in the redemption of bonuses, but also to ensure that the online casino does not incur large losses from the bonus money awarded.