Online Slots Are Just So Much More Fun With Bodog

Slot machines have been around for over a century. Even though not knowing much about real slot machines at the casino; as a young boy, my initial encounter with slots would have to be at the arcade centre. At the arcade centre, I would usually play some fighting games and, with some extra cash to play the slot game- The Fruit Slot Machine at the arcade centre. Back then, the arcade slot machines can actually dispense real cash in the form of 50 cent coins.

In Malaysia, the access to slots has been very limited, step aside those arcade centres which are illegal because the authorities are constantly taking them down. My good old days of horse racing and fruit machine just went down the drain due to the strict law enforcement. The cybercafé version of slots was not my cup of tea as it is very unsafe and prone to be raided by the local police.

In my perspective, slots are not just about some icons or fruits running over the screen. It should also include other types of electronic based casino games such as horse racing and roulette. Most people might think gamblers like me are chasing the big jackpots. In reality, that is not entirely true. When slots regular players like me come into the game, we are actually chasing the fun. It is about the thrill, excitement and satisfaction you gain when playing slots. Of course, my purpose is to win money as well. If it does not involve any form of monetary value, then what the heck you need online slots for, right?

The hottest online slots provider you can find in Malaysia is none other than Bodog Online Casino. Bodog caters for Asian people like me. Unlike other online slots, Bodog is very user friendly and easy to use. Currently, there are over four hundred games to choose from. Bodog offers games such as slots, table game and video poker. One of the key specialties of Bodog is its library like game collections. As slots are often being perceived to be monotonous, that doesn’t really apply to Bodog  Online Slots. Mimicking the actual land casino lobby, there are games readily available to play with just a click away. If you are lost, simply select the game based on the category and viola, you are ready to play!

As a loyal customer, I had already earned my VIP status and I will get more rewards and bonus each time I play. Bodog Online Slots also includes seasonal events to help you win special cash prizes. The steps are very easy to follow and players can collect coins or points to earn the chance to take part in the reward programs. From time to time, the winner list will be announced and I was one of the lucky ones during the Mid-Autumn Festival Mega Giveaway!

Bodog doesn’t just stick to the traditional way but it also adopts new ideas that will bring online slots to the next level. The passion within the management team really surpasses my expectations. It is very safe and secure. My withdrawals are fast and transactions are done within the same day. In contrast, some online casinos take days or even weeks to process your withdrawal. Some might even cut you off for good if you win big jackpots!

There are way too many things that I wish I could share with you in these few paragraphs of words. Frankly speaking, I would suggest you to login to Bodog Online Slots immediately and give it a shot. Don’t worry if you are not ready as demos are available for try-outs. Now you don’t even need to download specific mobile apps to play instead you can start to play in the web browser of your smartphone or tablet.