Philadelphia Sports Betting Will Attract Visitors to Parx Casino During 2020

How many people will visit Parx Casino during 2020 to participate in legalized Philadelphia Sports Betting? This question interests numerous business analysts in Pennsylvania. People over the age of 21 now have an opportunity to place bets on eight popular sports at the Bensalem horse track and casino. Since mid-August, 2019, customers have wagered on several leading sports: Soccer, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Major League Baseball, The National Football League, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association. The size of the potential Philadelphia Sports Betting community during the coming year may significantly impact both Parx Casino and its surrounding community.

A Comfortable, Modern Philadelphia Sports Betting Venue

The new sportsbook center at Parx Casino supplies opulent surroundings to encourage visitors to spend time at the facility. A huge 155-foot television screen permits the broadcast of sports games on an around-the-clock basis. The 24/7 Parx Casino never closes.

Visitors to the 7,400 square foot center enjoy 140 recliners, a full bar, and 40 regular seats. They obtain access to teller services between 10 and 16 hours daily. Both attended windows and self-service kiosks enable fast, convenient sports wagering in this location. Visitors may even consult a helpful “Sports Betting Guide” for rookie punters seeking to place the best bets.

Taking a Slice Out of Illegal Philadelphia Sports Betting

Why does the presence of a luxurious sportsbook center in Parx Casino hold such importance for residents of Pennsylvania? At least two key rationales support this experiment. First, the capability to accept Philadelphia sports betting at a legal venue will almost certainly attract more visitors to Parx Casino. Ultimately, this capability may increase the tourism revenues obtained by businesses serving the travel and hospitality industries in the Keystone State.

Second, the presence of a legal (and taxed) stream of sports bets will likely challenge the widespread illicit market in sports betting in Philadelphia and other cities along the Eastern Seaboard. In some respects, the arguments for sanctioning and regulating this activity parallel the rationales advanced in support of marijuana legalization during recent years. Parx Casino will supply a monitored and much safer venue for gambling on sports events. It will allow visitors to place legal wagers on popular games without fear of the proverbial “broken kneecap” stereotype reprisals widely associated with black market sports wagering.

Bolstering Tourism in Bensalem

The new sportsbook facility at Parx Casino will likely attract more visitors to the surrounding Bensalem Township, too. Located in Bucks County, Bensalem adjoins northeastern Philadelphia. It traces its origins back to 1692, long before the establishment of the United States. Today the Township sustains a population of slightly over 60,000 people. Prosperity for Parx Casino bodes well indeed for residents of this historic Pennsylvania locale.

Park Casino offers horse racing. The new sports betting facility fits in well with its existing attractions in this respect. Did you know, Parx Casino has previously served as a venue for some major film productions? Fans seeking to visit sites used for the filming of the 2012 action movie Safe will recall that Parks Casino and Racing in Bensalem supplied a key location for that popular pic. Although fictionally set in New York City, much of the shooting took place in Bensalem. The movie stars Chris Sarandon, Jason Statham, James Hong, Catherine Chan, and Robert John Burke. Superstitious sports gamblers may consider its success a good omen for the exciting new Park Casino sportbook center!