Roommate doesn’t mean a good friend – the pros and con of friendship with a roommate!

Being a freshman at college or university have always been full of new emotions and expectations – big parties, new friends and absolute fun. You leave your parents’ home, sometimes even move from one city or state to another and come to your new home. This changes might also influence on your life and that is why you might want to have a close and familiar person with you. In this situation a roommate can be the first person you get acquainted with, so just firstly try to be friendly and maybe your good attitude to a person can cause real friendship!

Let us firstly begin with the advantages of friendship with your roommate. We can imagine the situation when your new “friend” is also kind, and sweet, and communicative. Here we mean that friends of your roommate can become your friends too. If your roommate is sociable and communicative he or she definitely has at least 2-3 friends. Having good relationships with them will entertain you and moreover you all can be a strong team. You can make parties all together – play table games, listen to music etc. It is always cool to have fun and this is the first reason to become friends.

But you might think that it can happen that the person you meet in your apartment is complete introvert or gamer, who always spends time playing games in Vulkan Vegas Casino winning jackpots or loosing – hmmmm, the situation is close to reality, but it doesn’t mean that it has any direct influence on you and you also need to play slots with your neighbour. If you are also in fond of gambling and you like poker or blackjack – here you have a good partner for casino games! Nonetheless be careful, gambling may cause addiction, remember about it. If you don’t like games at all you just don’t have to join your roommate, well hobbies of your neighbour can not coincide with your sphere of interests and it is normal. You are two different and separate person.

If the situation and you see that your neighbour is calm, melancholic and not communicative at all. There are such people who like silence, being alone and don’t like other people. If you face such occasion, remember that phlegmatic people and introverts can be good and reliable friends, who will help you anyway and any time. So if you see that your roommate is very calm – don’t be upset! Just try to understand him or her and their weird hobbies. So this is one more reason to become friends with your roommate is to get support and help in any situations!

On the other hand you don’t have to become friends with a person, who you don’t like at all or who irritates you. If there is any misunderstandings you should definitely talk to your neighbour – don’t suffer if something doesn’t appeal to you. If you find the attitude or roommate’s behaviour not applicable – talk with him or her. Communication is always helpful, as this way you can discuss all the questions you have. You must understand that people will come and go, including roommates and it is not obligatory to be very close friends. First of all you must hear your feelings, friendship with the roommate is not the case for everyone.

It is always important to have friendly relationships with your neighbour as this is a person you will live with for some time, temporary or even during the whole time of studying at university. We don’t want to say that becoming friends is a must, you don’t have to be polite with a rude person. But still if it is possible there is nothing bad, if you try to be in good relationships.