Slot Machines Have Given You Many Things From Its Inception

It is the era of technology and online slot has also been on the high definition video screen. It is an entirely different experience.

But there was a time when slot machines were the only thing that can tell you something about the casino. Without it no one can think of it or proceed further. It was the time of clicking, mechanical reels and dinging bells.

Well, now all these are vanished and you are now entertained by the animation and 3D graphics.

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First slot machines of the time

But have you thought about this most arguable machine of the casino?

Well, it was first invented somewhere 100 years ago and was used to play the game. At that time it was called the “nickel-in-the –slot” and then it is abbreviated as the “slot machines”. Firstly the machine was provided with a handle which was used to set the reel in motion. The symbols which were used for the reel motion were the cards symbol.

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A different evolution of slot machines

Later in the year 1899, the machine was given 10 more symbols. Some of them were the horse shoes, stars, liberty bells and many more. When the three liberty bells come in one single landing, then it is considered as highest payout. At that time you can get 10 nickels. If you want to experience some of those times, play the game at gaple qq online and you will surely enjoy it a lot.

Now come the fruit machine which was first being launched by the Novelty Company. This machine was first termed as the gum dispensers. This is because of the fact that actually some of the slot machines used to dispense gums as a prize to the player. So it is a very interesting machine and many players started loving this slot machine much than the earlier ones and accepted too.

Modern ones came with other symbols

Then with the times came the modern slots which are technologically advanced. They are in the digital world and we can see them at the virtual world. Now the symbols are being replaced by the wild cards symbols. With special tricks this can make the player win the game. Besides the wild symbols you can also have the scatter symbols too. The scatter symbols made its first appearance in the fruit machines too. Check the judi gaple for more about it.

So it is all that slot machine is all about. Let us know if you want to know anything else.