Sports Bets As Per Your Deals Now

If you do not want to be the next to pour money into the bookmaker’s treasury, you should be aware of the opportunities offered to you and the proven betting strategies. Without going into extensive reflection, we will introduce you to the many types of markets and methods of successful online bets.

Where to make football bets?

All major bookmakers licensed in Bulgaria offer a similar type of service. Most of the native users are betting on football matches and ef bet, but over time bet fair and win bet are getting closer to leadership positions. The odds are fairly flat, but if you get the impression, some companies offer higher odds for a given event, while others focus on very different markets.

We, as experts, advise you to register a minimum of two betting sites and deposit identical amounts. This way you can place a bet in the house where the rate is higher. Another positive aspect of the large number of registrations is the opportunity to participate in more bonuses and offers. Absolutely every company offers promotions to bettors on soccer matches, so you will be gratefully appreciated without any doubts, and your loyal attitude will be rewarded with additional 파워볼뉴.

Types of football bets

The time has come to introduce you to the game markets that are found in most online bookmakers. You must be aware that sites are not responsible for their permanent number. Some markets are likely to be far more numerous than others.

Winner of the match

There are different names in the main market, always in the first position. He is the most interested, and his story dates back to the beginning of sports betting. The options are three – 1, X and 2, respectively – host, draw and victory for the guest. Applies to regular time bets. Extensions and penalties do not count towards him.

Double chance

It is not famous for its high odds, but it is a convenient option if you hesitate between two possible outcomes.

Number of goals

A far more diverse market, as online bookmakers offer different goal lines. Standard is the number of “2.5”, but with the evolution of football and constant changes, the companies have introduced new proposals ranging from a minimum of “0.5” to high-end situations such as “4.5”, ” 5 “and so on. Each line has two game options – below and above.

The market is valid for the entire match as well as for predicting the 1st, 2nd half or fixed intervals. Efbet, for example, stakes on innovative markets by collecting goals by the 30th or 60th minute.

Draw no bet

Draw no bet (DNB) or more popular in the latitudes, as no draw bet is a market that lowers the selection to 1 or 2. In regular time draw, your selection is marked as canceled and gets a odds ratio of 1.00. Some companies offer a host no bet or no bet, which is settled in the same way.

Half time result

Bettors have the ability to predict either. Typically, preliminary bets are made for the first half while the second bet is used for live bets. In addition to the winner, you get identical options, such as the final result – double chance, different types of handicaps, no draw, and so on.