The Basic Blackjack rules: Learn the rules of the game

Blackjack is potentially one most famous online casino games all across the world. The main aim of this game is for you to develop a hand, whose total point is nearer- more or less to that of 21 than the hand of the banker but without going over. or less

The following guide tends to go into the basic rules of the standard blackjack game along with the house of rule which is most commonly practiced at several online casinos. Always remember that the blackjack rules somehow differ from one online casino to the other, so before just rushing into the game check which variation you will be playing with.

Some basic rules of blackjack

Blackjack card pack:  Here, a standard 52-card pack is used but in various online casinos, several decks of cards are mixed and generally shuffled altogether. As a matter of fact, the most popular version is somehow the one entailing 6 decks from 312 cards.

Purpose of the game: Your motive while playing the game is to beat the dealer by getting a count as close as possible to the number 21 without exceeding it.

A card that values: Remember, an ace is worth either 1 or even 11 sometimes, it depends on your other card. Face cards are also worth around 10.

The deals: Here, once the player has placed the bets, the dealer hands out one card to the player, and another to himself. However, another round of cards is then said to be dealt face up to the player, but the anyhow the sealer takes the second card face down.

The Naturals: If your initial 2 cards are a 10 or an ace, then it can provide you with a total of 21. Well, this is known as a natural or blackjack. You can automatically win more the same way unless the dealer has the same score

The player’s hand

You must always examine the two cards in your hand and the face-up cards of the dealer before making one of the following decisions:

  • Hit: Ask for another card. Here, you can always ask for a hit unless you decide to stand or else to lose the game.
  • Stand: When you decide to take no additional cards. In this case, the dealer can then play his hand.
  • Double Down: When you have a doubled amount of your bet in addition to an extra card along with a stand.
  • Split: In case you have 2 cards of the same value, here, you can easily split them into two different hands. However, the bet is the same as the original bet so importantly doubling your bet.
  • Surrender: In this case, you can surrender half of your bet if you think that you are more likely to lose the hand.