The different types of slots that are available

Casinos are an easy way to make money. With the emergence of the online casino, the popularity of the casino has risen to the peak. There are people who have looked up to gambling to make easy and fast money.

When talking about the easiest and simplest game that come up to the mind is the slot777. It is a game that can be played by anyone without any prior knowledge of anything. Charles Fey the mind behind should be appreciated to have made that possible. Here are the different types of slots you can play.

Classic Slots

The classic slots are the first made slot in the history of gambling. This was the slot that was made by Charles Fey. It was a pretty basic model that the basic sounds that was just developed in the 90’s. The slot consisted of real reels that were made up of metal. There were initially three reels and had five pay lines. There are outdated now but are found in some of the older casinos.

Video Slots

The metal reels were very heavy and bulky. So with the emergence of the gaming software, the video reel was developed to reduce the weight of the slots significantly. However, the size remained the same but the reels were replaced with graphical reels. These were much more attractive and attracted a lot of gamblers to try the new thing out. The number of reels with the video slots also increased along with the pay lines.

Progressive Slots

The rewards that were given by the other two slots were much less. The progressive slots in slot777 started given jackpots that could make a lucky winner the king with the money. All the video slots were connected to one another to firm the progressive slot. A gambler would have to choose a slot and drop a coin. The number of coins that were dropped at the single game would suicide he winning amount. The person having the combination in their slot will win the whole amount.

The winning prize of the progressive slots is also increased by connected the slots of other casinos in the city or around the country. This gives the winner a prize that is unimaginable.


Slots were popular at the land-based casino but at the present day, the online casinos are more famous. It is much more fun the impressive graphical interface that makes it fun to play slot.