The Right Website for Your Best Choices

Building a website should be an interesting and enjoyable experience, but there are certain criteria that need to be considered in order for the future online business to work successfully and the customer data to be kept safe.

In the end, you want the blog, presentation site or online store to be as protected in the online environment, without any problems of vulnerability or data loss. For the 토토록스 this is important now.

Generally, the construction of a website starts from the moment you choose a hosting provider along with the registration of a domain. Here are some security recommendations for the future website:

SSL and server-level security

One of the most important choices is the web hosting provider and the security of the servers on which the site and client data will be stored. Without storing data on a server, the site cannot be functional. Hosting providers are responsible for more than just renting space on the server they also ensure server security, are responsible for  maintaining the site live non-stop, implementations and technologies to increase speed performance and more.

Of course, not only is the hosting provider responsible for the security level, but at the platform level, it is the responsibility of the web owner. For this reason, it is recommended to be optimized and updated to the latest web platform version and to install an SSL certificate.

  • Some hosting packages include SSL certificate, but there are other facilities such as firewall protection, DDoS protection, malware detection and removal, automatic backups and more.
  • An SSL certificate is essential, especially for an online store. It encrypts the data between the browser and the server, so they are deprived of vulnerabilities or decryptions.


Customer data must be protected, according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) at European level. This reduces the risk of leaking of private information of clients, especially if we talk about those sites that collect personal data of clients. It is important to collect the customer data only those that interest you, in principle the billing data to complete an action or a purchase. Of course, they must be kept in complete safety.

Internal safety and use

The adjacent staff that will handle the online business must be strictly trained to keep data secure, in order not to access spam emails that could harm the entire system. You also need to make sure that all passwords used are unique and powerful. However, the strongest password is useless if the employee violated the privacy or security policy click on a phishing email, share authentication details, or lose / steal the device that is working on the system.

The best way to protect yourself from these internal threats is to educate staff, organize periodic trainings, and have action and backup plans.

Finally, cyber threats and attacks will not disappear in time but, on the contrary, will intensify, continuing to evolve according to the technologies we will work with. As a site owner you must keep pace and pace with all means of security and security, thus having a secure and powerful online presence, without vulnerabilities.