The Smart Choices for the perfect Bookmaking

If we add up all the probabilities we can see that the profit margin for the 카지노 사이트 bookmaker that displayed these odds is 5.1%. 

How do the odds displayed by sports bookmakers change?

Now that we know what quotas are and how they are calculated we need to know how they change. The odds are mainly influenced by two major factors:

Many bettors bet on a team’s victory, when this happens the bookmakers lower the odds offered for that team’s victory so that bettors are no longer tempted to bet on that team.

Lack of an important player, if the absence of one who has a decisive role in the evolution of that team is announced then the odds for the victory of that team will increase. This can best be seen when Messi or Ronaldo are missing from their teams. 

Are there safe bets?

Many times you can hear the words “Bet on team X that it will win for sure” but in the end it turns out only baseless words. The answer to the question “Are there safe bets? “It’s NO because no one can accurately predict the outcome of a match and often teams that have a odds of 1.05 end up drawing or losing.

A classic example of how there are no “safe bets” is the Newcastle – Arsenal 4-4 match in which Arsenal led 4-0 and at the end of the match the score was 4-4. When Arsenal led with 4-0, it had a 1.01 odds for the victory at the sports bookmakers, proving to be a losing odds in the end.

Safe bets

it exists only for those who arrange some matches but certainly that information does not reach the general public, as can be seen many years pass until someone investigates a football match with a suspicious result.

Before you bet on a match you have to analyze if it is really worth betting that match, the information you find on the internet about some bets, safe tips you should treat them as simple information that can help you get an idea but not to be the determining information.

Don’t bet on a match just because it said x or y, if the betting world worked like that then most of these bettors would be millionaires and many bookmakers would go bankrupt, which is not the case.

Tips or paid bets

Lately there have been many who sell tips so that for a few euros you can buy a “safe match” that turns out to be not so safe.

The main question you need to ask yourself is “Why would anyone sell a prediction if they are so sure they will win?”, It doesn’t make sense to sell something that can bring you a lot of money, especially now that there are a lot of bookmakers and if they put 100 euros on that match for each one, they would collect tens of thousands of euros in just one match.