What different concepts there are within slot machines

There are quite literally thousands of differents slots to choose from, so you can imagine that at times it might seem a bit overwhelming, when you’re just trying to relax and pick a game that suits you the best. If you want to explore the huge world of online slots, you’d need to have some basics written down so you can make better decisions and find exactly the games you’re going to enjoy.

Volatility, variance, MegaWays, bonus games, free spins, etc – the list goes on and on. There are so many different variables with the slots, that no normal human being can automatically know what they all are referring to. To help you with your gambling career, here’s few tips for you to memorize.


You’ve probably seen a slot named something like “Risky Reels MegaWays” etc. Well, the actual “MegaWays” part is just a general term for slots that includes that specific functionality. MegaWays is a sort of concept that adds usually over 100 000 different winning combinations, if you hit the “jackpot” so to speak. Usually MegaWays slots have a 5-6 reels, but the rows are changing on every spin. At one spin you could have 1000 different combinations and the next one could have 50 000 – it all changes dynamically. It’s also common for these slots to have big wins accumulated through bonus games that can even have returns as high as 50x!

MegaWays slots are great for big wins and if you’re not afraid of variance, we’d suggest you give them a fair try!


This term has many names, but it’s mostly referred as “avalanche”. It means that every single symbol that’s included in a winning combination will demolish itself and there will be new ones replacing it. These slots usually offers a multiplied winnings if you manage to tie 2 or more wins in a row, without having to spin the wheels manually. These slots are known for their moderate volatility and big wins. If you’re ever wondering what kind of slots you should try, these type of machines are one of the best there is.

Don’t be afraid to ask help

If you’re already playing on an online casino, you’ll probably have the contact details of their customer support. There’s a reason it’s called “customer support”, and it’s not meant just for asking “where by withdrawal is”. You could actually contact these customer support departments, if you’re having any questions regarding their games. Except them to give out professional answers backed with solid facts about the slots you’re interested of.

Best way to contact customer support is usually live-chat, as that channel often offers the most time-efficient help.