Win The Crown Of A Pro Player With Rummy!

Rummy is a 13 card game which needs the player to be skilled at observing and calculating. The probability of winning lies ultimately in honing one’s own game.

With all the rewards, bonuses coming our way, it is fascinating to be playing the traditional game online and connecting with the whole world through it.

Rewards like ‘Fantastic five’ are given to you virtually through the game when you win five consecutive games. ‘Stakes master’ is awarded to you when you secure more than 175 points, ‘101 masters’ when you win 101 pool game with less than 51 points.

Win the crown of Rummy Pro by winning different types of Rummy games available on the application and enjoy thoroughly!

Rewards & Bonuses

One can achieve rewards by playing the rummy game continuously and finishing the tasks. Different rewards have different descriptions that require you to finish the game in a certain way, to earn those rewards.

There will be bonuses of chips if you show up in the table daily at least once. Unlike the traditional rummy game, the software application will remind you to play Rummy and take time for yourself daily.

Rummy game is all about your wit and swiftness at the table. If you can track down your set of sequences before your opponents do, you are the winner! And it is always one game at a time. You don’t have to worry about winning all the 100 games before winning the one you are in, already.

How To Win One Game At A Time To Reach The Crown Of A Pro Player?

  • Keep track of your opponents’ moves through the cards they discard and pick up from the open deck.
  • Lose the high-value cards after analyzing your opponents’ game plan. If that’s what they are after, hold onto them until you accustom your set and sequences together.
  • When in doubt, go through the discards section to be sure. It will tell you stories about the left out cards in the closed deck.
  • Just like how you break down your opponents’ strategy, they will do the same. Beware and make yourself look unpredictable! By playing strategically, you can fool your opponents. This process is called baiting and fishing.
  • Never lose your jokers! Once you swipe a joker from the closed deck, don’t discard it until the game is declared. Jokers can help you form valid sets and sequences.
  • Try to pick fewer cards from the discards section, as this can provide your opponent with an opportunity to understand your gameplay easily.


Not just the crown of a pro player can be achieved through these methods, but practising them regularly can help you become highly efficient in online Rummy, consequently making you win big! Though the first step to learning the very basics of the game is playing it regularly.

Also, your success depends on how well you will implement the steps mentioned above. Rummy is a game for smart people, not for hard workers. So think smart and play online Rummy to take home a big reward.