Your Solutions for the Best Sport betting Tournaments

If we have a medium stack (between 13 and 24 blind), we must play our hands where we are willing to go all in. While the goal is to survive, we must not let the choices and the ante consume our stack. In these cases, it is essential to steal lights to remain competitive and not become short.

Finally, if our stack is low (less than 12 choices), we will only have two options, folded or go all in. When we are in this situation, we must take into account our fold equity. If we have it, we can go all in with a wider range if the hand reaches us from fold. You can visit for the best understanding now. You can be sure of the winning solutions here.

The levels: 

The last levels of the satellites, are given when the number of players still alive, doubles that of the prizes. In these instances, the hands are usually resolved before the flop, since competitors with short and medium stacks usually go all in.

If we are lucky to have a healthy bet, it is best to pressure the rivals, playing with the fear that they will be eliminated. This does not mean that we are obliged to pay any all-in of the shorter players. It is better to let another do the dirty work if we do not have a good hand.

  • With a medium bet, it would be profitable for us to try to steal choices and before at least once per round. For this, we must look for opportune situations, for example, playing with the position. We recommend not moving much and only play hands with which you are willing to go all in.
  • Again, if the bet is short, the options will be the same as in the previous level: push or fold.

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  • We would prevent your opponent from responding with a 4-Bet and putting us in a difficult decision, especially if we do not have information or if it is conservative.
  • It does not make folded all the weak hands that our adversary may have.
  • Control the size of the well.
  • Maximize the advantage of having a position after the flop, which will make it easier to play the hand. 

These are the options that you need to have now.