6 ways you can make a career in poker

We all know the widely regarded legendary professional boxer Muhammad Ali. The ace boxer once said,“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” This success mantra holds true for every game. To make a successful career in any game, one must go through the toils of rigorous training. The same goes for the game of poker. Making a successful career in poker requires a high level of dedication and commitment.
People who find it difficult to visit the casino often can opt for online poker. Beginners can start playing free poker online for practice, and once they have mastered the game, they can consider playing poker online for cash.

Mentioned below are six tips that can help you master the game and make a successful career in poker.

Study the game avidly

To master any game, in-depth study of its basics and all the rules by the book is a must. It is essential to be well prepared before you enter the battleground.Ensure you do a thorough research on all the rules of the game, and remember the saying, “learning never ends.”

Are you really a winner?

“Poker is a hard way to make an easy living,” so goes the popular poker quote. This is why it is ill-advised to give up on your regular source of income (job or business) without being sure if it is worthwhile. Thinking yourself fit to be a professional poker player on winning just one or two tournaments online is a mistake. You are required to win hundreds and thousands of such games in order to be sure that you have in you what it takes to be a pro. So keep playing.

Skills, swings, and salary

Now that you have realized that you have the mental skills to play and win in poker, you need to find out if you can deal with the financial and emotional swings that one faces during the game. We hope that you have already calculated how many hands/tournaments you are required to win to at least match your current salary. When you are on a paycheck, you get a salary every month without fail; even if you are sick or on vacation. To go pro, you need to play high stakes or a large enough number of hands to make at least enough money to sustain your lifestyle.

Give it a shot

When you have accomplished all of the above, it’s time for a trial run. This way you will get to experience how life will be once you become a professional. Take a leave for two to three weeks from work. Become a member of all the best poker sites for Indian players and see if you can make as much money to justify quitting your well-paying job.

Get your finances ready

For a poker player money is fuel. You need to have proper funds to deal in poker as well as to sustain your household. So keep that money separate from your poker bankroll. You should at least have six months expenses safely tucked away in a bank in case things don’t work out. Digging in your poker bankroll later to cover the bills is not advisable. Lower poker finances may cause you to drop down in stakes, which makes reaching your monetary goals a far-fetched dream.

Learn from the very best

Just like other games poker too requires discipline and a good teacher. So invest your free time in watching internet tutorials and videos of best playing strategies. In addition, having a mentor in the form of a coach or a friend who is a crown holder is a shortcut to master the game. Don’t hesitate in taking private lessons and then analyze your game accordingly.