Best Casinos for New Players

Amateurs are often disillusioned by the general casino experience. There’s not one good reason to sit in a smoky gaming floor and throw away perfectly good money for nothing in return. However, as you slowly begin learning the ropes of the game, things start making more sense.

Gambling, when pursued wisely, is like spending money at the pub or a comedy show. You pay for the thrill of gambling. There are a few golden rules that one must remember at all times. And when followed to the tee, can prevent you from bottoming out. Click here to try your luck at online gambling.

The 4 Golden Rules of Gambling

1.Learn Your Limits – A few visits to the casino and you’ll quickly learn all about the house edge. It’s unwise to step foot inside the casino or sign up with a virtual operator for that matter, without setting aside an exact amount you’re willing to spend. Take note of buy-in so as not to blow the entire amount on the very first game. A lower table maximizes the amount of time spent playing, although the stakes are proportionately low.

2.Follow Casino Etiquettes – Basic courtesy ensures you stay on the good books of the dealer and your fellow players. However, following certain rules will prevent you from being reprimanded. The basic etiquettes are:

  • Don’t use cellphones at the table
  • Seats are reserved for players
  • Wait until a hand is over before jumping into the game
  • If you win, don’t jump on the winnings. Instead, wait for the dealer to pass the chips

Observe a few games from the sidelines before deciding to join the action. One typical rule is to draw cards that are dealt face-down with one hand. Tipping the dealer is mandatory, although there is no minimum or maximum limit. The general rule is to tip about half your minimum bet per hour, amounting to at last $5 an hour. Never tip with cash, always use chips. You could also place a wager on behalf of the dealer.

3.Begin with Games of Pure Luck – Video slot machines are perfect for beginners since these require no skill or experience. But if you’re into the advanced stuff, you’ll quickly get bored and will want to try your luck at a bigger hand. Next up, the roulette table. Like slots, there’s no skill required. You’ll still need some experience to know where to place your bets.

4.Move on to Skill-Based Games Once You’re Comfortable – Once you’ve mastered the rules of roulette, it’s time to move on to something more challenging. Blackjack and craps are great for beginners. And most casinos will be more than happy to teach patrons the rules of the game. There are numerous online tutorials if you wish to get a head start. Once you’re set for your first game, search for a table that isn’t overcrowded; and don’t be afraid to clarify doubts with the dealer.