Great Choices with the Monopoly Options for You

Revolution on the Monopoly Bring The House Down slot game plateau, a cat-shaped token will replace that of the iron, as decided by Internet users during a worldwide consultation, announced Wednesday the American company Hasbro which produces the famous game of society.

The obsolete iron, present on the set since the beginning of the game in 1935, lives its last hours and production lines will begin “immediately” to produce in its place a cat, which will equip the new boxes by mid or the end of 2013 , Hasbro said.

In an impeccable marketing campaign, Internet users worldwide had been asked by Hasbro on Facebook, from January 9 to February 5, to decide which token was to be eliminated in favor of which other, to choose between a cat, a diamond ring, a guitar, a toy robot or a helicopter.

  • The answer was “fantastic”, coming from 185 countries and the fans, 31%, chose the cat.
  • The small dog, a Scottish terrier, was for its part the favorite token “to save” – at 29% -, fiercely fought by the wheelbarrow and the galoche, while the iron won only 8% of the voters.
  • Those who want to continue playing with the iron and the other seven conventional chips do not have much time to have the current version.
  • Cat lovers around the world will be happy. We are a little sad to see the iron go but the choice of the cat by the fans is great.
  • The game was invented by Charles Darrow, an unemployed salesman, and it was his young niece who had suggested making lucky metal charms like those of the bracelets of the time.

The strategy comes once again from mathematics. The main element of the game is the roll of dice. Depending on the number the player makes, he will find himself or not on the Prison box, will pay or not the exorbitant rent of a hotel. The seven is the most common number when you roll two dice, so the Chance box is where players starting from the starting point will fall the most.

The presentation of Business Insider gives some key tips. From the different probabilities of rolls of two dice, Chance cards and Community Box, it is possible to determine which boxes on the board are the most useful to acquire. For example, Chance cards refer to a number of properties such as railway stations or Avenue Henri-Martin, so it may be worth buying them.

Make the prison profitable

The presentation also tells us that the Prison box is the one on which the players finish their turn the most (not to be confused with the box “Go to jail”). Seven boxes can send you to jail, in addition to the rule that prohibits three double dice rolls. By combining all this information and using certain formulas, we obtain the most profitable properties.

It appears that the stations are to buy at the beginning of the Monopoly casino slot game, possessing them all is an undeniable asset. Finally, the properties of red or orange color are the most profitable (while they are not those that cost the most). For homes, build primarily on orange properties. When you build, the study recommends building three homes at once, allowing a faster return on investment.