How to Deal with Fraudsters of Casinos

Casinos are among the best entertainment joints you can visit. Most people spend a day or night in luxurious casinos, having fun, and enjoying meals and drinks provided there. Also, there are lots of live events, including sporting activities that take place.

However, due to the number of people that visit casinos, you may meet some ungenuine ones. Notably, on land-based casinos, fraudulent activities are inevitable, unlike what you may expect in an online casino Malaysia.

Fraudulent activities in casinos, both land-based and online, have far-reaching effects. Notably, the most felt impact of fraudulent activities is financial loss. However, it also leads to the emotional and mental impact that you cannot see physically.

Beating the Internal casino Threat

Fraud in the casino industry has been existent for a long time. However, there have been plans to mitigate it with bodies such as the gaming commission, tax, and regulatory authorities trying their best. Yet, the efforts have born less to no fruit in the past.

The most common thing they are using to get rid of it is technology. It includes installing surveillance video technology. While this has enabled them to collect a lot of data, there has not been enough ability to change this data into useful information that can help them improve their systems.

Fraud Exposed: How to Combat the Threat Within

There are several ways in which fraudsters conduct their activities in casinos. Most commonly, you will find them using a credit scheme that has existed for long, but people do not seem to identify it. One person will hire people and task each to open a bank account.

After that, each deposits money into their account and asks the bank to transfer credit to their casino account. After that, all the other people will transfer the money to this same account.

After that, they get offered some money, depending on what the casino has made in terms of credit. They then go ahead and exchange the chips for credit and pretend as if they are losing in the blackjack.

The fraudulent scheme continues by the owner of the chips paying for the missing chips. Then he or she goes ahead to close the bank account while they promise to pay back in a few days. It does not happen; however, they repeat the same process and make money in weeks and disappear.

Abusing player loyalty cards

Also, this is another fraud that is common in casinos. It mostly involves stealing using loyalty cards. Depending on the transactions you do, you accumulate loyalty points to your cards. These cards often become targets because they can get used to pay for accommodation or meals.


Online casino fraudsters have become so rampant. Not even the best online casinos like w88 have managed to mitigate them completely. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid losing your money to them.