Is It Legal to Play at Online Casinos in the Netherlands?

For a lot of years, lotteries and gambling have been present in the Netherlands. In order to protect its entire people, the country has been always firm towards the industry of gambling. The Netherlands’ gambling market is primarily dominated by huge national operators such as Holland Casino, Lotto, Postcode Loterij, and Staatsloterij.

It is important for the Netherlands to make a change with the technology and the world improving and changing at a fast pace. Over the last several years, the industry of online gambling has massively grown. The country can make a lot of money in revenue from both international and Dutch casinos by implementing new gambling rules with players assembling to online casinos.

Gaming Authority of the Netherlands

To control and regulate gambling in the Netherlands, in 1996, an independent governing body was founded. It is known as the College van Toezicht op Kansspelen. Their primary goal was to ensure and enforce that licenses comply with the law of Dutch Gambling. In April 2012, the body was revoked and swapped with the Dutch Gambling Authority.

Also, they stand guard for the reliability and safety of gambling activities and products the Netherlands has on offer. To protect vulnerable citizens and minors from gambling exposure and prevent gambling addictions, the independent governing body is extremely meticulous.

Stricter Laws for Offshore and Unlicensed Casinos

The latest Online Gambling Bill will enforce stricter rules on offshore casinos that are unlicensed. Even though players will not be prosecuted, these illegal operators aiming players in the Netherlands will be fined heavily.

Legal Gambling Online

Though the new Online Gambling Bill was eventually passed by the Dutch Lower House in 2016, it may be quite some time to go before online casinos in Nederlands is fully legal.

The Future of Gambling in the Netherlands

In the near future, the industry of online gambling in the Netherlands is set to drastically change. The Netherlands is probably going to grant licenses to foreign competitors. This will spell an end for its state on gambling monopoly. However, in order to gain a license, there will be strict rules to which every operator would have to follow.

One of the strictest rules to follow by the international gambling casinos is to have a form of physical presence there. But, the meaning is yet to be established. It might require offshore operators to have an office in the country. On the other hand, it also can mean that land-based local operators will only have the chance to apply for an online casino license.

To improve competition from operators, the Dutch government will decrease the rate of tax from 29% up to 20% on profits from gambling online. But, to prevent addicted gamblers from getting themselves into trouble, agreements will be in place. Aside from that, they will also enforce contributions to a fund for responsible gambling. The goal is to regulate the particular playing time of users and also observe the situation through a national gamblers register.