What is an online slot bonus?

Fruit machines have come very far since they were only seen down your local, flickering in the corner as the regulars await the elusive jackpot. You can discover more at this link about online slots, how you can play and enjoy slot bonuses.

Nowadays, a fruit machine does not even need fruit on the reels to gain the attention of avid players, rather, slot games can involve just about anything. Online you will find a whole host of different titles, ranging from the weird to the wonderful, the simple to the complex and everything in between.

New terms like scatters, wilds and free spins will be thrown your way as you try to navigate this world of online slots and we would like to make sure you have got to grips with one of the best the terms you can see on your desktop, mobile or tablet. That term in, the ‘bonus.’

What is an online slot bonus?

Bonuses can vary from game to game, both in regards to how effective they are and what they actually involves. But, in essence at least, an online slot bonus is something that increases one’s chances of bagging a win on a lot game.

Examples of online slot bonuses could be:

  • Multipliers
  • Free spins bonuses
  • Wheel of fortune
  • Bonus rounds / Mini-games
  • Random prizes

To pick out one such example, the sensation of free spins is something that players will be very likely to come across whilst gambling on an online slot game. A popular and recurring part of the online slot game experience, free spins can either be earned such as by landing a certain combination or certain symbol, or awarded randomly with some titles possessing such unpredictable but albeit exciting features.

One thing that free spins will always have in common though, is that they are indeed free. This means you will not need to wager a bet and rather than your budget taking a hit, the reels will spin for free. Often, free spins bonuses will come with the added incentive of a multiplier and it is when these two bonuses combine that you will find your wins really stack up.

How do you trigger online slot bonuses?

Again, how you earn a bonus in an online slot game or fruit machine will vary from title to title. There really are so many good slots out there now that it is impossible to speak on all of them. However, most likely, the common way to trigger such bonus features like the aforementioned free spins or mini games, is to land a certain symbol or combination of symbols.

Scatter symbols, often relevant to the theme at hand, will sometimes act as important icons in the triggering of bonus rounds. For example, many games will have a system where landing three scatters in a row will initiate a free spins bonus round. Better still, should you land four or even five of these symbols, you may even be awarded with a better bonus such as;

  • More free spins
  • Higher multiplies
  • More rewarding mini games