A quick guide on how to play Poker online

Poker is a massively popular table game and can be a very enjoyable social game to play when out at casinos. But the convenience of the online world has been making a great impact for years on how the public play poker, and it’s now a popular online pastime.

The multitude of online poker sites can be daunting and to the novice player learning the ropes and getting to grips with the online poker world can be quite confusing. Here is a short guide on starting out your online poker career.

The most common styles of poker players

Tight – cautious and not a risk taker, this type of poker player plays few hand and remains in charge of their bets. It is often hard to get this player to lose a lot of their money.

Loose – no caution, this poker player enjoys the thrill and risk of betting on a whim. This player can win big or lose big and not mind, so if you are feeling confident play them up.

Aggressive – this poker player likes applying the pressure to opponents, loads of big betting and opening pots. This style of player can often cause online competitors to “flee” the table, as playing against a bully is not fun

Passive – this poker player follows the lead of the opponents and more likely to call than raise, watching the action unfold. You could also lead this player into bigger pots if you are confident in your hands.

This list of common styles of poker players is not a guide for you to choose your own playing style from, this guide is more for you to watch your opponents and assess their playing style. You should, once you get your poker feet under you, always try remaining an unreadable mystery to your opponents.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to start playing poker online smartly.

Start small – You’re new, you are almost 100% guaranteed not going to win a million dollars on hand one, even if you have experience in other casino games like the Blackjack Canada has to offer.. Find the perfect small stakes table, and grow your skills and ego from there. But remember just because you won $10 on day one, does not mean to bet $1000 on day two. Spend a lot of time practising, try out very small stakes or no stakes but really focus on learning all you can.

No tells – you can develop tells when playing, yes online where people can’t see your face. Things like raising your bet dramatically when you have a great hand but at no other point can be a massive tell. Try and be consistent with your bets, and never splurge and go bigger than the pot.

Be sensible – give yourself a budget for that day or table and stick to it. It is quite easy to lose and keep playing without realising how much you are spending at that table. If the budget is disappearing too fast, perhaps you should try out a lower stakes table.

Be fresh – Do not play tired, depressed or distracted. Playing poker involves thinking clearly and implementing strategies, so playing when stressed or tired can be a sure way to make losses at the table. Being able to focus on the game and your opponents means you will be able to pick up any of their possible tells and clean them out.