Amongst the newest US states where gambling is legal

Gambling in many different forms has been something of a disparate situation in the US for many years. The disparity has been on show because some states allow all gambling and some, like Utah, will not even allow a lottery. But which states have introduced legal gambling more recently and what can they learn from other states?

New York

New York is a state made for gambling. It is fast paced and full of people who want to make fast money. That is why it was a surprise it took so long for New York to get on board with fully legalized gambling. However, with the finishing touches being placed on a bill that allows sports betting, it is finally ready to join other states that offer the full works. Of course they have a lot to learn from other states, but what exactly can they learn?

One of the most importantthings that New York can learn is to use the increased tax revenue for good causes. Pennsylvania uses the tax revenue from PA Online Casino games and the lottery for a number of different good causes within their state. That is the main thing that New York should be focusing on to make the most of their extra tax revenue. Another is that they can reduce the police workload by not having to devote as much time to illegal gambling. As a lot more is allowed through the changes in the law, there will be a lot less work for the police to carry out.