Bitcoin game

Bitcoin (BCH & BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency currently used in the world. With more than 2.5 million users and an ever-growing community, the value of bitcoins increases without any sign of stopping. Conceptualized in 2008, bitcoins are a cool currency with exceptional potential. Using world-class security protocols, faster transactions than established banking services, low rates, and a complete pseudonym, bitcoins are becoming a popular alternative to current currencies. By improving many of the elements that currencies around the world are suffering today, such as inflation and manipulation, Bitcoin has brought the next generation of stabilized currency to the fore. Be aware that bitcoins do not exist in the physical world as coins or offers, they are stored entirely in Bitcoin wallets, which are essentially personal Bitcoin bank accounts. However, no bank is involved in Bitcoin, which results in lower fees than normal banking.

How can I start?

To start testing bitcoin, you will first need a Bitcoin wallet. A key tip you should keep in mind is that if your wallet is corrupted or lost at any time, you will lose all your bitcoins if you have not backed up your wallet. Please be aware of this when choosing a type of wallet.

The three variants of portfolios:

  • Online wallets → blockchain

Online portfolios are stored by a third party on their cloud servers. Creating and backing up your Bitcoin wallet is easy if you choose a web wallet because some online wallet providers keep your backups while allowing you to back up your Bitcoin wallet yourself.

This is recommended for new Bitcoin users or people with basic computer skills.

  • Software Portfolios → Portfolio

Software portfolios are stored entirely on your own computer, but you must manually back them up. They are more secure than cloud portfolios because if the cloud is compromised, you risk losing the contents of your portfolio.

This is recommended for intermediate/advanced users

  • Hardware portfolios → registry

Hardware portfolios are the most secure type of bitcoin wallet. To access your bitcoin wallet, you need special software that usually connects to your computer via USB. You must also save this wallet manually. However, this is the safest solution because no one can access your wallet unless you have the USB device that unlocks it.

This is recommended for advanced users or people who store large amounts of bitcoins.

For a list of portfolio solutions, please visit

There are many options available for buying bitcoins. You can buy them with bank transfers, credit cards, cash grams, debit cards, and even cash. Be careful when buying your bitcoins. Check that the person you are buying from has a good reputation to avoid fraud and other scams.

Bitcoin and online game

Online gambling can come in many forms. Casino games with live dealers and video slots, dice sites, sports betting, and poker are the most popular forms of bitcoin game currently available. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses to new and existing players, usually doubling your first Bitcoin deposit on their site.

In addition, many sites provide evidence that they manage legitimate Bitcoin betting environments by providing evidence of fair gaming. Provably Fair (P.F) means that the odds are not overwhelming against the players and we strongly recommend that you take this into consideration before playing.

Many countries around the world have banned either bitcoins or online games. To determine if the bitcoin game is legal in your country, please refer to our legality page.