Closer look towards Roulette

Roulette is a live casino online safe game produced by Play pearls and thus is immeasurably fun to play the game. This live casino game got its name from a French word that means little wheel. In the game, players may select the bet position either on black or red-colored number single or in a series, regardless of even or odd.

Game summary:

In this game, the winning color or number is determined by spinning the wheel in one direction which in turn spins a ball in a circular path along the circumference of the wheel but in opposite direction. Finally, the ball loses momentum and falls into one of 37 numbered and colored compartments on the wheel.

How to play:

  • To play this live casino game, one need to place his bet on any numbers including zero on the table layout or on the outside of the layout.
  • Next, the croupier begins the game by spinning the wheel and ultimately launches the ball in one of 37-colored number pocket.

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Graphics and theme:

The first attraction of this live casino game is its arrangement. The live casino is nicely displayed on a huge screen with the bet menus and other options are clearly featured at the bottom of the screen. In short, the total presentation looks brightly colored, especially when the game starts loading.

The cameras from different position perfectly zoom during the spinning of the wheel so that no one misses out any action. The sounds of wheels spinning, the enthusiastic voice of the players, and smiley face of the dealers; altogether create a very enjoyable ambiance to the live casino.

Special features:

The first cool feature of this game is its natural Fun play option. In this game when it comes to placing bets on the wheel, the choice is an outrageous one. You can pick numbers manually or you can bet in sections and even on red, black, odd, or even as well. Players can select bets on single numbers or two numbers or others, such as corners, baskets, and the six-line position.

Players can also avail Multi and French bets involve certain sections of the wheel consisting of Orphelins a Cheval, Tiers du Cylindre, Jeu Zero, Voisins du Zero, and Neighbors. You can also opt for the Autopick 5 as well as Red/Black snake option on the wheel.

One last feature is the Chat option that allows a player to talk to other players about the game as the wheel spins, just like a real-life casino.

Jackpots, win lines and payouts

This online casino game has 37 numbers to pick from in various types of ways. In this game, the maximum bet that one can place is around 2,000. The payout for each type of bet depends on its probability.