Gambling From Paleolithic Age tothe Modern Time

History of gambling is fascinating and interesting; it is as old as the human race. People across time persuaded gambling activities to feel high, to sense the adrenalin rush.

Gamblers placed stake sometimes too high, for victory. These feelings have been around since Homo sapiens appeared on earth.  The earliest confirmation of gambling ways back to Paleolithic age, millions of years ago, when humans started using tools made from stone. A six-faced dice were found as evidence of gambling which dates back to 3,000BC, in Mesopotamian region of Syria, Kuwait, Turkey, and Iraq. In medieval China, gambling was popular; people used to play domino and lotto like games. Even betting on cockfight and bullfight was well-liked. Playing cards were invented in this country only in the 9th century.

Attractive game

Online gambling started to attract players from the mid-1990s. From the 2000s, this received legitimacy from governments and acceptance from people. Many regulatory bodies were established to regulate the industry and protect the interest of both players and casino houses.   Since the beginning of its journey, this industry withstood many adversaries and achieved many milestones. The online gambling industry is growing both in popularity and in size. It is estimated that the industry will be worth the US $94 billion by 2024. ufabet is such an online casino that is growing both in popularity and profitability.

The future of the online casino industry looks bright and prosperous. The current market capitalization of the online gambling industry is around the US $ 46 billion as of 2019. There is the enormous potentiality for growth and is expected to double its market worth in the coming years. The growth rate is unparalleled, matchless by any other industry. As you look back to the history of this industry for the last 20 years, this expectation of growth is no surprise.  Earlier the number of games provided by the online casinos was truly limited. The graphics, animation, soundtracks, and user experience were of poor quality and far below the actual casino experience.

Royal experience

The live casino rooms make you feel you are sitting in a real casino hall. The impeccably designed slot machines with astonishing graphics and soundtracks captivate you, enthrall you. This shows how much the online casino has evolved and improved from its inception.  Online casino websites are relentlessly trying to improve the gaming experience of wagers, particularly in mobile casino games, by incorporating modern technologies. Playing casino games from your mobile or tablet gives another edge of convenience.


Many online casinos like Ufabet have started offering virtual games to their customers, to give them the ultimate gaming experience. SlotMillion was the first virtual reality casino that was launched in the year 2016. As the technology improves and becomes more refined, more such websites are expected to start. Online players would get more stimulated, interactive experience, which is closer to virtual reality. This form of wagering will become the most well-liked form of entertainment in the coming days. The extensive number of games on online casinos will keep you fascinated for days, if not for months.