How To Control your bets


Your chips represent your stay in the game, calculate the odds well before betting. Remember that a wrong choice can cause a huge loss and put it in your head once and for all, that your choices are what guide your long-term success.

Success in dominoqq poker depends on an ant job. If you make more assertive than mistaken decisions over a long period, you are unlikely to be at a loss.

Don’t be defensive all the time

Poker, like any other game, is a competition and you must be willing to win it. If you are passive all the time, without offering any kind of discomfort to your opponents, you will be absorbed by the strongest players at the table.

As much as you have to be patient to join a hand, when you join, you should keep in mind all the strategies and readings necessary to impose an aggressive game. Show what you came for and surprise your opponents.

Be versatile

When we start poker, we have access to books and blogs that standardize the style of play for those just starting out. Not that this is something negative, in the beginning it is interesting that we know the main techniques, and follow it to the letter until we discover our own style.

But to win a tournament, you must have a variety of moves up your sleeve to use them in the most diverse game situations.

These variations are related to the position at the table, type of opponent, stage of the tournament, your stack, stack of opponents, etc. The more situations you can control, the better, because a versatile player is much more difficult to be read by opponents.

Enjoy the breaks

You will spend hours sitting at your computer, having to do calculations and analysis all the time. In between, take the time to rest your body and mind. Get away from the computer a little, take a walk and breathe fresh air to come back more relaxed when the tournament restarts.

Know the right time to bluff

You will hardly go far in a tournament without bluffing at least once, this is normal and part of the game. Bluffing is what makes poker dynamic and allows players, even if they don’t get big cards, to make it far in a tournament.

Of course, you will need to analyze all the variables before making this decision, but to win a tournament you will have to bluff. And that will become more and more necessary when the game reaches the highest blinds and your chips start to fade away.

Watch out for calling stations – those players who are always willing to pay to see never bluff them. It is also contraindicated to bluff when you are against more than one opponent in the hand.

Know your limitations

It is important to be humble and understand your level of play, in order to enter tournaments where a victory is really possible. Poker is not a game of luck. If your level is still beginner or intermediate, enter tournaments where you will find players of similar level, or even lower than yours – this is not a demerit, on the contrary, it is a strategy used even by professionals.