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Playing tight at a poker table is considered a good feature, unless of course you play too tight, then it is very easy to play against you. You play the range you need to open but don’t bluff much. This works fine on low stakes but you will not get away with this on the higher stakes. The better players immediately realize that you are only playing value and are going against overfold en masse. So playing tight in the long term is not a good option.

Playing against a tight player

Playing against a ceme online Tight player can be very useful. They will fit pretty much anything unless they have something. Also on the Small Blind and the Big Blind they will just give their blind away if someone raises and they have a weak hand. They will only play with reasonable to very strong hands. You will probably never win big pots from these opponents, but because they are just sitting at your table you win money because they give up their blinds too often.

You can almost always assume that when a Tight player shows a lot of aggression, they already have the potential `Nuts` or think they can make them very strongly. A Tight player will only open with at least medium strong hands.

Play tight yourself

For every Tight player, of course, you should not be playing tight for too long. It is essential to vary your playing style from time to time because if you make a great hand, no one will call your Raise. Because everyone already assumes that you have the best hand because of your tight image. Remember that your bluffs will get you paid with value.

For example, if you are waiting on an open-ended street and you are almost certain that your opponent has top pair, you can easily calculate your chances of winning the pot. Your hand is JQ and the flop looks like this: A-9-10. You are almost sure that your opponent has hit the A, so he is ahead of you at the moment. However, you currently have a reasonable chance of winning the pot. You got an open street chance on the flop. So every 8 or K is good to make a street.

There are potentially four Kings and four eights in the game, so you have 8 direct outs. In addition, there is a bit more difficult math involved. For example, you must be able to calculate whether the running cards are good and what percentage that yields so that a Q on the turn and Q on the river also ensures the win. For this you have a simple program called equillab. This calculates exactly the odds you have against the opponent’s range.

How to deal with a short stack in cash games

You are never short in a cash game compared to mtt’s short in a cash game when you have around 50bbs. This changes the strategy because we no longer win enough if we hit a set with a pocket pair, for example. This changes our range against this opponent and we want to play more broadway heavy cards.