Poker for beginners

Many ponder for years on the dilemma of sure shot hacks into winning a poker match. Poker is a game ripe with skill, concentration and power of observation. With such factors in mind, if one tries to find cheat ways to crack a poker game, then it would be pretty naive. What you could aim, is to look out for off-beat tips, that could pull up your game and make it stand apart from the rest. Now with online poker sites such as 99onlinepoker, the competition level is heavily at large. To tackle pro level competition, head-on, it is critical to garnish your poker skills with advanced tips.

Quick tips to improve your poker

Learn to bluff

Bluffing is always a major trick in almost any card game. The key objective of buff, is to never let your opponent guess your hand, rather make them believe you hold a strong ( or weak ) hand, which you otherwise don’t. Now same applies for poker. Not often will you find great hands at your disposal. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t win the pot. If you have a weak hand, there is every possibility that your opponents have a weak hand as well. Matches can even be won with only a pair. All you need to do is bluff your way out of it. With a confident attitude make your opponents believe that you have a very strong hand, and eventually force them to fold!

Diversify your strategy of play

If you intend to win a poker game, you are never going to dive-in head first. You are obviously going to get in with a strategy. Although if you repeat your strategy time after time, you will simply give away your tricks. Your opponents will always be on a look out to spot a pattern and style in your game. Once you repeat your strategy back to back, you help your opponent to effectively learn your gameplay. In order to avoid this, you need to switch your approach in atleast every alternative game or so. In poker you will essentially come across four styles of playing.

  • Firstly, a tight approach, where you make your every move with extreme caution and very low risks involved.
  • Secondly, a loose approach, which is the exact opposite of tight; a typical gamblers style of playing.
  • Thirdly aggressive, which is apparently a lot like loose but subtly different in many ways. In the loose approach you make a true gamble, whereas in aggressive approach your move looks like a gamble, but at the same time it is very calculative and holds a specific purpose. An aggressive approach is generally dynamic betting simply in order to put your opponent under pressure -a way to test and weigh your opponent. whereas loose approach is nothing but testing your luck.
  • Finally, a passive gameplay, where you call on an aggressive opponent. You allow your opponent to direct the flow of the game, but coldly wait for the opponent to slip, an promptly capitalize when an opening arrives.

Choose the right game

If winning is your objective, then you must sit in a game where you have significant edge over the opponents. In a game where every player is doing significantly good and leaving very less room for error, your odds of winning are going to be less. However, a game with players making major blunders, is the right game for you to step in. On online poker websites like queenpoker99, this process could be a bit difficult, as the entire game is conduced virtually. However, closely observing the pattern of betting and hand playing, and the fluctuation of pot, you will be able to arrive at a judgment.