Knowing the hands of Poker

Poker is not just luck. Although not as grand as roulette, it is still the most complete casino game there is. There is a certain sophistication about this game that makes it stand apart. It could be the skill and tactics involved or simply the calm and composure of the entire thing. With online casinos at Talking Casinos and such, you will find an online version of this classic casino game. If the idea of the game is to be explained in one sentence, then it would be –you will be dealt 5 cards, and the best hand wins. Now the question is -how to judge the best hand?

The best hand!

According to arrangement of the five cards in your hand, the strength of your hand will be judged. The hand according to order of superiority are as follows-

Royal Flush: There is simply no beating royal flush. The hand with Royal flush will always win until there is another with such, then the pot will be shared. Now incase of a royal flush the 5 cards in your hand needs to be 10,J,Q,K and A of a single suit.

Straight flush: Comes second in ranking, is the straight flush. Similar to Royal flush, the five cards must be five consecutive numbers of a single suit, except the combination of 10,J,Q,K and A.

Four of a Kind: Comes third in ranking is four of a kind. This hand is where only four of your cards make your hand. When out of five cards, four of your cards are all same numbers but of four different suits -you have four of a kind. Although, theoretically, four of a kind falls third in ranking, practically speaking it is a pretty decent hand. Games are won with hands of much lower ranking.

Full house: Your hand will be called a full house, when three of your numbers are same number of three different suits. The other two being a pair of another number.

Flush: It is the idea of flush that higher in ranking builds up to straight flush and royal flush. Your hand is called a flush, when all five cards in your hand are of a single suit.

Three of a kind: Like four of a kind, three of a kind means -three of your cards in your hand are same numbers but of different suits.

The bottom three: In ranking the bottom three are two pairs, pair and highcard.

The rankings are the foundation stones of poker, but when it comes to the real game, it’s much beyond that. At big moments like poker world series, games are won with even the bottom three ranking hands.