Popular Gaming Trends in 2021


Although 2020 had been a very turbulent year for many different industries and businesses, there were many who were able to thrive throughout the year with gaming topping that list of being amongst the most successful despite the circumstances, this has also led to a huge number of trends developing throughout the end of the year and well in to 2021 too – but what are some of the most exciting gaming trends to keep an eye out for and how do they look to promise to change and push the online gaming space as a whole forward? 

Esports continues to take over – Throughout 2020 where major sporting events were finding cancellations and postponements, one constant had been within the esports industry and although many international events were taken out of the equation, it didn’t stop online tournaments and introduced a much wider audience to the world of esports too as they sought out different entertainment options. Heading in to 2021, esports is bigger than it has ever been with huge viewer and participant numbers, and with a thriving betting industry to back it up to it shows no signs of slowing and has already started to compete with the biggest traditional sporting events and even surpassing them on many occasions too. As a whole for many esports is looking to be the future of sports entertainment, and it’s clear to see why.

Online gambling continues to find stronger footing too – With mobile gaming at an all time high too, many of the biggest genres targeted by mobile players have found enormous growth too with online casinos being amongst the most successful – operators have started to push in a different direction with certain changes and restrictions in some countries, with this casino calzone review showing how much they’ve changed and also how much they’re thriving – and so with the successes found in online betting through traditional and esports options, as well as the growth for online casinos, online gambling certainly looks to be holding a bright future too. 

(Image from screenrant.com)

Dedicated consoles are making a difference too – The recent holiday season saw the release of the newest consoles from both Microsoft and Sony with record sales despite the semiconductor shortage that has made delivering on the quantities and demand much more difficult – despite this there’s still plenty of excitement for the newest games and exclusives set to release taking advantage of the newer and improved hardware that will be present for the next few years and bringing new life to the dedicated consoles. 

Attitudes as a whole toward gaming have been seeing huge change and it has become much more accessible and much more approachable by a wider audience, much of the target audience has moved away from younger teen males as a primary, and this has allowed for a lot of flexibility in what the biggest operators can offer.