Reasons why people lose in online Rummy


The much captivating game Rummy is making it hard for players, especially online players, to take their hands off from their phone/tablet. When players win, they continue to play because they are making profits, earning rewards, etc.; and when players lose they continue to play out of rage, to win, and to compensate for the previous loss. It is something with which every online Cash Rummy player will relate themselves. Even you can relate to this. Isn’t it similar to what you experience? How often have you wondered what could be the reasons that push you towards your defeat? There is a pretty apparent reasoning for this. In most of the games, the reasons because of which you might be losing your online Rummy table can be:

  1. The cards you choose to form sets: Seasoned players do not get lured easily with the high-value cards. High-value cards come with a burden, so a better way to go about this situation is to get rid of them and replace them with jokers. 
  2. The mood with which you play: You might not give enough weightage to this factor, but your mood is the king. You will not be able to give your best shot if you are drowsy or tired, or frustrated or in a mood that prevents you from being mentally in the zone of playing a game. 
  3. Playing with a bad hand: Often you end up getting a bad hand. Getting no jokers in initial moves is one such indication. Novice players might continue to play with a bad hand, but dropping the bad hand game can save you from loss with high points.
  4. ABCs of the game: Your fundamentals might not be up to the mark. The ideal way is to first go for pure sequence, then impure sequence and sets at last. Beginners often struggle with this. 
  5. Below par strategy: Strategy is the pillar of cash Rummy games. Poor game strategies will take you nowhere. Intelligently use the jokers to make an impure set. Know the right time to discard the high-value cards like King, Queen, and Ace. You will get only a few seconds to draw and discard the cards, so use these seconds strategically.
  6. You do not know when to quit: It is okay to quit the game. Seasoned Rummy players do not fear to quit the game. After all, to quit the game at the right time is better than a defeat that costs you high scores. Remember to calculate the probability of winning the game as soon as cards get dealt with. A newbie should realize that if the game does not seem to be in their favor, then the best move is to quit.  
  7. You have room for emotions: Pro Rummy players have shared how emotions can get in your way of winning the game. Games are supposed to be played with mind, interference of heart and emotions can cost you much. It is an undeniable fact that where there is a game, there is triumph and defeat. One side will win and the other will not. On some days you will be on one side, and other days you will be on the other.  If you have bad streaks, then take a break, freshen up your mind and give it a new start.
  8. Multitasking: We understand that when you are playing Rummy, you are already online. You get notifications from other websites or applications, you want to multitask, and maybe you want to play the game while listening to your favorite artist; but remember these all are diverting your mind from playing the game. When you multitask, every task that you indulge yourself in drives you away from the objective. So, even if you are skilled at multitasking, try avoiding it for the sake of winning the game. 
  9. Inability to assay opponents’ move: The ability to assay your opponents’ picks and drops will take you a long way, it will help you guess what is cooking in their heads. You will be able to build your strategy. The more you observe others, the more you can make better moves of your own. And when you do so, you also need to be aware that even your opponent is doing so. Hence, observe with open eyes and brain. If you have not focused on this aspect ever, then this is the time you work on this as well. 
  10. Focus is not there: Do not let worries of the game distract your focus. Play Rummy when you can devote it all your time and your attention. There is a lot that goes on in this game, all at one time. You are required to analyze your hand, calculate winning chances, analyze possible moves, and decipher your opponents’ moves and whatnot. Your mind needs to focus on all these. So, it is better to play Rummy in your leisure time. Also, when you play Rummy, calculating risks is undeniably crucial, but do not play with the constant fear of losing. This game is of skills; make sure you have focus before any other skills. 

These are those areas where you can work and improve yourself. Improvise the strategies you deploy. Analyze your game, your mood when you play the table and the things you do alongside when you are playing the table. The best way to improve the game and ensure increased chances of nailing the game is to change how you play. There are various attributes to both victory and defeat, identify those attributes and work on them to redirect the tide of the triumph. There is no doubt that with consistent playing, your game will gradually improve. But, only working on one thing and getting better at it is not the road to victory, so work on the other factors too. With these probable reasons for your defeat, cross-check where you have been going wrong, correct those things and take a step closer to victory. See it here