Spend less and win more on online slots

What with the huge amount of online slot games out there these days, developers and online casinos are going to new lengths to make their titles the most original. Learn more now about the online slot and casino industry, where you can play these games and much more.

Long gone are the days of the humble, flickering fruit machine in the corner of your chip shop, only offering one game mode, one minimum bet and one jackpot. These days, slot games can be geared around amazingly original and sometimes farfetched themes, offering unique and intricate mini games away from the standard set of reels, as well as varying betting ranges and jackpots, with minimum bets starting at as little as just a few pence.

Such games are the key to spending less and winning more on online slots, with their low risk but potentially high paying jackpots making them real gems on the online fruit machine and slot machine landscape. As well as these low betting entry games, we are going to suggest a few ways in which you can potentially spend less and win more on online slots.

Set a budget

In order to gamble safely, responsively, intelligently and above all, better, we would always advise setting a budget for gambling.

This could be as little or large as you like, but most importantly, it should be an amount that you are comfortable with losing. Many websites offer advice or even tools on setting budgets as well as daily, weekly and monthly limits, in order to help players keep track of how much they are spending. This is always a good place to start if you are looking to enjoy gambling, but by spending as little as possible.

Low minimum bets

A minimum bet is the lowest amount that a player can wager on a particular slot game. They tend to vary from game to game, so do not be surprised if you need to shop around a little until you find a low-end bet that suits you.

Also, some games are tailored to high rollers and big betters, so if you find a game with a minimum bet that looks quite high, maybe it is simply not the game for you. Betting can start from as low as a few pennies, with as little as 20p being a common place to start.

Again, only bet an amount that you feel comfortable with. If you feel like a minimum bet is too high, continue to look around for more titles.

Big jackpot titles

Whereas some games offer amazing graphics and some slots offer unique, supremely detailed themes and gripping narratives, some other slots quite simply just offer a big old jackpot.

If you are looking for a game like this, the clue is usually in the title. Games like Mega Fortune by NetEnt and Mega Moolah by Microgaming, offer examples of games that have payed out some of the biggest online slot game wins of all time. Furthermore, finding these games is always an internet search away, and many online casino have filter search settings for you to find games with the right margins for you.