The Euro Lotto is one of the worlds largest jackpot games played in Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia,Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The game is a transnational lottery game meaning it combines the power of multiple jurisdictions to help grow the jackpot prize, which is what entices more people to play it.

But everyone wants to participate in the game. And by this I mean, people from countries where the game is not offered such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil. In order for them to participate, they must purchase their euro lotto tickets from resellers such as who offer a chance to buy euro lotto tickets from its website.

How does it work?

You visit the website, choose the lottery draw you wish to participate in, select your numbers, and make your payment using your credit card or one of the e-wallet solutions.

Once your order has been placed, agents working for the company walk to official retailers and buy your numbers for you. Once purchased, tickets are secured and now we wait for the draw.


Well, this is how it sued to work. Today, Agents have been replaced by underwriters who procure tickets under license from official lottery agents. This is an automated process that has no human interaction.

The same goes for results, which are delivered, to your email address as soon as official results have been drawn. The same goes for prizes which are automatically credited to your account. Should you win a large prize, this is collected and wired to your bank account, no matter where you live in the world although it can take a number of weeks for the prize to be cleared.

What is the top euro millions prize that can be won?

Euro Lotto prizes vary from week to week with prizes as low as 20 million euro and as high as 190 million euro, which is the maximum jackpot amount. When this maximum has been reached, the prize is shared between the next available tier winners if there is jackpot winner.

Where do you view Euro results?

Euro millions results are made available after each draw and as soon as the official numbers have been drawn. These you can view on all the official euro lotto websites, on television or in the local newspaper.

But to win, you need to buy a ticket in order to play the euro lotto online. And if you do, make sure to check your results after the draw, as you may just be a winner! And while this may seem obvious, in 2002, a player living in New York, failed to claim a $68 Million Megamillions jackpot prize…

Winning a large prize is everyone’s dream and as the UK National Lottery slogan goes, you cannot win it, if you are not in it

So go on, buy a ticket!