The simple rules behind the intimidating facts and figures

If you are new to the world of betting and you feel a bit intimidated by all the graphics, columns and numbers displayed in the sports betting section, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will explain the common sense rules behind all these facts and figures. Take a little time to discover sports betting and learn how it all works. Understanding the basics will quickly demystify what seemed difficult and complex. You will then be able to bet with confidence and enjoy it.

Before you can make your first sports bet you need to know the odds system

For each bet offered, the bookmaker gives odds to the various competitors. The odds represent in some way the prognosis of the bookmaker. If he thinks that one team is more likely to win than another, he will give it a lower score. Here is an example of odds offered by a sports betting site. Now that you know everything about odds, find the different types of bets that bookmakers can offer.

Different types of bets

It is possible to place single bet. Multiple betsare defined like an individual bet combining two or more selection in a single bet if one of the selections is losing and the entire bet is considered a loser. In the case of an individual bet winning the total win (including the bet) equals the bet multiplied by the corresponding decimal point. In the case of a multiple bet, the gain will be equal to the multiplied multiplication by the product of the different decimal odds. In order to know more about the bookie pay per head, one can always take the help of the various official web sites.

Simple betting

The simple bet is the easiest bet form to master. It consists of betting on the winner of a single sporting event.

Combined bet

Why perform a combined bet rather than placing multiple individual bets? The gains on the combined bet are significantly higher than on the individual bets. But do not forget that as each individual game must be a winner, it’s an all or nothing bet. If you win two out of three games, the combined bet remains the loser. By cons, you would have won these two games in the context of single bets. Combined bet odds are better because it is harder to predict the outcome of multiple games than to predict the outcome of a single game.

Tips and tricks to bet better

When you make online sports betting, starting capital management is a vital part of your long term strategy. During your first deposit, do not have eyes bigger than the belly. The money you will incur must be considered lost money. Never bet the money you really need. Bet according to your capital. Do not forget to take into account the reliability of a sports bet. The higher your chances of winning, the more money you will be able to pledge, but never exceed 10% of your total capital.