What Is Video Poker?

Video Poker looks very similar to a slot machine but it works very differently.  The mechanics of Video Poker are completely different to slots and the main difference between the two is what information is available to players.  When players play slots they are paid out particular prize amounts and these prizes are determined by combinations of symbols.

The probability of the result of these symbols is controlled by the random number generator (RNG) and the settings of the RNG is controlled by the developer.  Video Poker on the other hand does not have spinning reels, but the game takes place using 5 “stops” and the outcome of each “stop” will come from a deck of cards.

Most Video Poker games,like online roulette NZ games, will make use of the traditional pack of cards of 52 while some make use of 53 cards and includes a Joker which is the wild card.  With Video Poker players can figure out the probability of a card or combination of cards and they can then compare various payouts for hands and the possibility of getting that hand and work out a possible payback percentage.  Unlike slots where players will receive a payout from a combination of symbols they will be paid out on how the cards rank.  For example a Royal Flush will have the highest payout with a Straight Flush coming second.

Bonuses and Rewards

Playing Video Poker in a land-based casino and online is very similar, but online players will have access to a sign up or welcome bonus at the majority of online casinos.  Most of the online casinos will not allow betting on Video Poker when using a sign up bonus.  An online casino may offer a $1000 for a deposit of $250 which will give players a $1250 start by only making a bet of $250.  Online casinos would not be profitable if they let players play Jacks or Better with a welcome bonus as the house edge when playing Video Poker is very low.  Those online casinos which will allow players to bet a percentage of their sign up bonus will only count a small percentage towards the wagering requirement.

Play for Free

Playing Video Poker online is in some instances more difficult than in a land-based casinos and casino operators are clever enough to figure out how the games work and they develop ways of protecting their money.  That being said if players can find an online casino offering good payouts, Video Poker can be a very exciting game with the possibility of great wins.

The best way to understanding how Video Poker works is to play online for free.  Players use this option for various reasons but mainly to improve their Video Poker gaming skills.  With Video Poker players can make use of a strategy and knowing which course of action to take for each hand before betting real money is a useful option.  Most online casinos today have the option of playing for free and allow players to enjoy casino games without the risk of losing money.  Players can also access Video Poker experts who can offer advice on how to play such as which cards to hold on to and which to discard.  There are also a range of websites that have free tutorials which can also be very useful when learning how to play Video Poker.

All of these tips will enable players to have an understanding of how to play Video Poker and to maximise their winnings.