Indonesia: Religion, Tradition, and Online Gambling!

Indonesia, situated between the Indian and the Pacific oceans, is a nation which comprises thirteen thousands of islands. And, it is the world’s largest island country. It is constitutionally a secular state with a various religions being practiced.

The government recognizes six regions of Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Islamic religion forms the majority with 87.2% population identifying themselves as Muslim.

The countries relationship with the practice of betting and gambling is unusual as despite being banned is carried out popularly. The practice has come into conflict with the religious side of Indonesia.

Islamic law and gambling

Indonesia does not apply Islamic religion, but it holds the foundation of the countries people. The most prominent reason for the ban of the gambling is that it is condemned by the Islamic Law. Sharia law, which is followed in the country forbids it. The government has restricted the gambling activities as many people around 2012 had spent large amounts of funds in sports betting.

According to a report in Jakarta many Indonesians post 2012 had even sold their residence in gambling. Gambling is seen as a major cause of disrupting the normal course of the country. Therefore major steps were taken to prevent this by the authorities.

Agen Judi online internet gambling

The online gambling agencies in Indonesia are generally known as Agen Judi Online. The practice of gambling is much popular in the country in spite of the ban. In all of its 34 provinces Indonesia as banned gambling. Laws in Indonesia regarding other Asian countries about gambling are different.

With passing years the online gambling industry in Asia is increasing at the height of $34 billion to $80 billion. Indonesian Government was quick to ban all sources of internet. There was much and has been opposition to this. Gambling is entirely illegal under the law, but of course, that doesn’t mean betting doesn’t happen.

Popular Online Gambling

Though not popular among the Indonesian government, online casinos continue to be very popular with the public. People play table games and bet on sporting events with the help of online casinos. One such popular platform is situs Judi online terpercaya. Horse racing is popular to bet on although not legal it has come as a more acceptable form of gambling than others in the country. Such bets are placed through illegal underground channels.

Future of gambling in Indonesia

Despite ruling authorities against it gambling online is likely to thrive in Indonesia. Despite strict laws, they are unable to police it effectively. With many loopholes, people have continued to use this avenue to bet and gamble. There is a clear tension among the gamblers and traditional values.