Situs Poker Guide: Rules To Play Online Poker Game!

In today’s time, online gaming has left all other games behind. You can sit at your place and can get full enjoyment of your favorite games. If you are a lover of online games, you must have played situs poker. Situs poker is one game that is everybody’s favorite.

To all the new joiners of this game let me make you aware of the rules of this awesome game. Here is a rundown of it:

  1. Cards: The game of poker starts with the distribution of cards. Here the number of cards will depend on the level of poker you are playing. Your turn depends on the clockwise movement of the table.
  2. The way you deal with your cards: There are different moves that you can opt for at your turn. You can either pass on your move to the next, bet even if no other has bet, forfeit the cards if you think your card series is very weak, or even call or raise for the highest bid. Betting continues till every player has folded or bet.
  3. Declare a show-down: Once you have made the last bet or raised your cards, the time occurs of the show time. In Showtime, the active players have to show all there cards, and the player with the highest series of cards will win this round. This showdown card round is also called last round as it decides the ultimate winner of the round.
  4. Standings of your cards: There are many series of card that stands one after the other. You have to see which series you have got to continue betting. If at all you have received from the topmost series you should continue betting without any fear. But in case you have not got any series or from lowest rank, either you can forfeit or take the risk.
  5. Limit to your betting: In this game, the amount with which you will open the game is called betting limit. Some poker games have no limits to your betting structure, and you can go on wherever you want to. Next comes out to be the game where the limit is fixed from starting. Next is pot limit where the player will bet including total size of the pot at that time.

We are sure that all the gamblers must be in love with the situs poker and leaves no chance to play it. Just be very cautious that you don’t make your move disclosed in front of everybody. We hope that the list of above rules will make you clear the poker game to the fullest. We would love to know your experience with situs poker and would love to help you out in any way. Happy gambling!